Graffiti CMS Meltdown

It started out well with Graffiti CMS, but it wasn’t long before it tarnished a bit. I noticed that my third post never appeared in my feed reader even though it was on the site.

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Using a UPS Label Printer with Non-Administrative User Accounts

One of the largest and most popular shipping companies in the United States is United Parcel Service (UPS). They have an extensive website that allows you to enter shipment information, calculate shipping fees, print shipping labels, track package deliveries, and view your shipment history. A nice feature of their website is the ability to print large shipping labels you can stick directly on your packages. It’s a bit complicated to set up, but a big time saver. I ran into a problem though on a Windows system when running on a limited (non-admistrative) user account.

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Graffiti CMS – Building out the Infrastructure

Now that my basic blog is running, it’s time to beef it up and add some back-end plumbing to keep the site working smoothly. Graffiti CMS provides three very nice “hooks” that make it easy to keep statistics on page views, statistics on subscriptions to my RSS feeds, and to help prevent comment spam.

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Installing Graffiti CMS at DiscountASP.NET

Everyone has their first blog post. It seemed appropriate that mine should document how I set up my own site. I've read a lot of positive comments about a relatively new offering from Telligent called Graffiti CMS and while it's not your typical blogging software, it has the features I need, is written for .NET, and offers lots of potential for customization later on.

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